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Jerome Inkling by BrianJacksonII Jerome Inkling by BrianJacksonII
Name: Jerome Jackson
Nickname: Jerome Inkling
Gender: Male 
Born: October 8, 1992 
Species: Inkling 
Zodiac: Libra
Default Ink Color:
Eye Color: Orange
Personality: Jerome is One of The Main Protagonists, The Second Born, And A Member Of The Splatastic Four. He's The Enforcer. A Loud & Reckless But Professional Turf War Fighter. Jerome is a Cocky Arrogant Driven-Happy Inkling who never lost a Turf War in his Life. He loves to Showoff Two Reasons, He's a Very well Trained Turf War Fighter & Trying To Impress The Ladies. Jerome is Super-Hyped & Super Focus when he's in Battle, He Takes his Turf Wars Very Seriously. He is Very Skilled with The Splat Roller. Sometimes his Showing off ways gets him into Trouble, even putting BJ & His Friends Into Serious Predicaments because of his Hype Reckless Behavior. But His Brother always point him in a right Direction. Sometimes He can be quite the Ladies man, Most Inkling Females Are Attracted to Him, But He Has Heart Set out For Someone Else, When Jerome Rescues An Inkling Named Jessica. And She & Jerome Will Instantly Fall in Love with Each Other.
Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual [Taken] 
Mate: Jessica (Girlfriend) 
Love Interest(s): Jessica Inkling
Family: Father (Graham Jackson)
Mother (Mona Jackson)
Twin Brother (Brian Jackson Aka BJ Inkling)
Likes: Showing Off, Turf Wars, Squad Battles, Rainmaker Deathmatches, LizzieRatcicle (Clauds), BJ Inkling, Christine Inkling, Flower, Rocketboy3005, Candy, Bern-Bon, Val, Matrix, OmegaMario89, Inspector Heavy, Rex Legend, Poool157, Geofcraze634, SMG4, Blu Inkling, Pinkolol16, Darkness (Azure), Coral, Leaf, KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Ice Cream Parlor, ,The Cheesecake Factory.  
Dislikes: Octarians, DJ Octavio, Violet Inkling, Nickolox, Derpy Inkling, Evil Octollings, BJ telling him what to Do & telling him to Calm Down, Slow Down, & Take it Easy in Turf Wars.
Occupation: Turf War Fighter/Video Gamer.
Weapon of Choice: Krak-On Splat Roller, Sometimes 2 Splat Glocks
Bio: Jerome is A Loud & Reckless but Professional Turf War Fighter. He Loves Going into Battle, He's a Stealthy & A Very Fast Inkling with very Good Instincts. His Turf War Reputation is off The Charts, You can say He's quite famous for his excellent battles. Jerome dislikes Violet Inkling, Because She gets Too Vengeful when she loses to Jerome everytime she go up against Him, And would do anything to back at Jerome, & Her Opponents, Mostly Jerome. Jerome has a Hatred for Octarians because They Kidnapped his Parents when he & BJ were 16 luckily They Managed to save their Parents From The Octarians, And Put Them in a Safehouse where Their Enemies won't find them. Sometimes He & BJ Argue when it comes Jerome's Arrogance & his Reckless Behavior, Don't know When to Slow Down And Calm Down when he is Hyped And Filled With Excitement instead of using his head when it comes to serious predicaments, You Can Say He's Filled Of Too Much Energy in Him. Jerome Loves The Adrenaline, And Has The Adrenaline Rush. He Can't Help it, It's in his blood. He loves the Thrills & Excitment that goes on in his Life, Especially In Turf Wars. Jerome Use To have a Crush on Clauds, But she Tells him She's Already Taken. But She Tells Jerome She likes him, As A Friend. These Two have a little in Common, they're both Lazy Sometimes, & they love using Splat rollers as their weapon for Turf Wars. Jerome & Clauds get along very well, & They're Very good Friends. But Jerome wasn't Going Down Yet, One Day Jerome, BJ, & Christine were battling Octarians, when They Saw A Inkling Being Tied Up. Jerome Was the First to Rescue Her. And He told her That He will not let anything happen to Her. All Of A sudden Jessica Instantly Falls In Love With Him, And He Falls in Love with Her Too. Jessica Decides To Move in And Live With The Squid Brothers. Jerome Is No longer Single, Now He has A Girlfriend. And He will Always Love Her, & Treats Her Very Well, Just Like BJ & Christine. Jerome is a very Compassionate Inkling who Cares for Jessica, Christine, Clauds, Flower, His Twin Brother BJ, & His Friends.
Outfits: Squid HairclipBlack Inky RiderBlack/Blue Sea Slugs
Other: Normal intelligence
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BrianJacksonII Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017
I had To Redo Jerome's Profile Because His Pic Got Ripped.
BrianJacksonII Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017
Jerome is No Longer Single. He's now in A Relationship. :D (Big Grin)
BrianJacksonII Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017
Jerome is also a Parody Inksona.
BrianJacksonII Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017
This is BJ's Twin Brother Jerome Inkling. He's A Cocky Arrogant But Professional Turf War Fighter. He's One of the Main Protagonists in Splatoon.
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