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BJ Inkling by BrianJacksonII BJ Inkling by BrianJacksonII
Real Name: Brian Jackson
Nickname: BJ Inkling
Gender: Male
Born: October 8, 1992
Species: Inkling
Zodiac: Libra
Default Ink Color:
Eye Color: Eggplant/Purple
Personality: BJ is The Main Protagonist, The First Born, The Squid In Black, & He is The Leader Of The Splatastic Four. He's The Team Captain, And The Lead Shooter. BJ is smart and know all about Turf Wars, Squid Squad Battles, And Always cares about his Girlfriend, His Friends, His Apprentice, & His Twin Brother. He's A Tough Turf War Fighter. He leads a Great Gang of Inklings, He gets a little Protective Of His Twin Brother Jerome Sometimes, Keeping His Brother Out Of Trouble. Sometimes BJ Hates People Interrupting Him when He is Making Love To His Girlfriend Christine. 
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual [Taken] 
Mate: Christine 
Love Interest(s): Christine Inkling      
Family: Father (Graham Jackson)
Mother (Mona Jackson)
Brother (Jerome Jackson)
Likes: Jerome, Jessica, Flower, KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, The Cheesecake Factory, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Rocketboy3005, Candy, Bern-Bon, Val, Matrix, OmegaMario89, Inspector Heavy, ASpider25, LizzieTheRatcicle15 (Clauds), Geofcraze634, SMG4, Blu Inkling, Violet Inkling, Alpha Swan, Poool157, Bloo Ryevan, Rex Legend, Tina Clementine, Blitz Inkling, Erik, Luke Salmen, OmegaSneaky, (Labrys), Anibot, Darkness, Coral, Leaf, The Squid Sisters (Callie & Marie), The Mario Brothers (Mario & Luigi) Cheesecake, Turf Wars, Getting Revenge On Inklings or Octollings who ever messes with Him Badly. 
Dislikes: DJ Octavio, Octarians, Nickolox, Lillieth The Commander Octolling, Coca Cola Company Beverages, Jerome's Arrogant Behavior, Jerome Showing Off all the Time at Turf Wars, Getting Splatted by Other Inklings & Octollings. Getting Antagonized By other Inklings & Octollings. People Disrespecting Him, Questioning Him & His Reputation.
Occupation: Turf War Fighter/ Foodie/Video Gamer.
Weapon of Choice: Heavy Splatling, Two Automatic Splat Pistols, Krak-On Splat Roller
Bio: BJ is A Turf War Fighter, And A Foodie. He And His Girlfriend Christine Go to Different Restaurants Try out New Foods, Savior The Favors, And Blog About Them Online. They Called Themselves The Foodnatic Duo. Both of Them Love Having Cheesecake for Their Snack & Dessert, Not To Mention They Love Hanging out at Cheesecake Factory. BJ Loves to be a leader at Turf Wars, Squad Battles, & Rainmaker Deathmatches, BJ is a Great Leader. He Leads The Inklings By Example. He's Friends With OmegaMario89 They get along like brothers, They Met on Twitter And That's how they met in the first place. Then BJ also met Clauds, Inspector Heavy, Ellie Godelia, Rocketboy3005, Candy, Bern-Bon & Many More. BJ loves Getting along with Inkling Youtubers. BJ is a Kind & Wise Inkling who shows his Friends with Respect. BJ Has A Hatred For Nickolox, Because She said some rude things to him, for Insulting his Artwork & His Reputation. He Used To Be A Fan Of Her, But Not Anymore. She Hurt BJ's Feelings & She also Angered Him, Because Of Her Negative Opinions, And Her Attitude. And So The Fued Begin. Sometimes BJ & Nickolox Would go up Against Each Other, Even At Turf Wars, Squad Battles, & Rainmaker Deathmatches. BJ hates Nickolox so much, That He would Never Forgive Her for what she did to Him, And What She Said. Anyway BJ Does Not Friend People That Are Jerks To Him. BJ never wants trouble from Anyone, And He Never Starts Fights, But He Sure Likes To End Them. Rule Number One Never get BJ Upset, Ever! or Even Try To Bully Him or Antagonize Him, Otherwise Y'all Be Sorry if You Do, BJ Can Be Very Vengeful, And He Will Get Revenge On People who messes with Him, So Y'all Been Warned. Anyway BJ Deeply Cares About Christine, And He Treats her Very well, by going on Dates, Turf Wars, Squad Battles, Rainmaker Deathmatches, Hanging out at Exciting places, Food Blogging, And Their Favorite Place, The Cheesecake Factory. These Two Are made for each other. BJ also Cares For His Young Apprentice, Flower. He became Her Mentor, And His Goal is to Train Her, & Teach Her The ways of A Turf War Fighter. BJ & Flower are really close friends. Their Like Big Brother & Little Sister. BJ is a Brother Figure to Her. And He will always be there for Her. BJ Deeply Cares for His Team As Well. He Always Treats His Team with Love, Courage, Compassion, & Respect, That He Treats His Team Like A Family. They live in a House Together, And BJ loves Hanging Out With His Team. Christine, His Girlfriend, Jerome, His Twin Brother, & Jessica, His Brother's Girlfriend. BJ is A Very Compassionate Squid who always Do the Right Thing For His Friends.
Outfits: Squid Hairclip, Black Zipped Hoodie, Black Moto Boots ·
Other: -Normal intelligence
BrianJacksonII Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017
BJ & Christine 4Ever. :D (Big Grin)
BrianJacksonII Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017
This Is BJ Inkling. My Inkling Avatar. It took me all day to create him & make his clothes. It was easy. Anyway, BJ Inkling is The Main Protagonist in Splatoon.
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